What is now Castle Biosciences once was referred to as Cernostics. Cerno is a Latin verb meaning to separate, sift, distinguish, resolve, determine. Nostics is a noun, short for “diagnostics” or the process of examining the nature and circumstances of a diseased condition. While the name Cernostics no longer exists with Castle’s acquisition of the company and its technology, TissueCypher, the GI Division of Castle Biosciences remains focused on leveraging spatial biology to diagnosis and assess various conditions of the GI tract.

A New Paradigm for Diagnostics
Based on Spatial Biology

Castle Biosciences is a pioneer in spatial biology and AI-driven image analysis of tissue biopsies. The spatial biology revolution is transforming traditional anatomic pathology from a subjective, limited, morphology-based analysis of biopsies to an automated, objective, and high-dimensional analysis that translates into novel biological insights, better patient outcomes, and lower overall cost of care.

Our high complexity clinical reference laboratory specializes in high-dimensional analysis of tissue biopsies, providing valuable information to clinicians not available through other means.

Our R&D services/capabilities provide valuable insight to pharma clients on the pathophysiology of disease, biomarker discovery and validation, and clinical trial support based on spatial biology.