cerno }

latin verb meaning to separate, sift, distinguish, resolve, determine

nostics }

noun, short for “diagnostics” or the process of examining the nature and circumstances of a diseased condition

cernostics }

A New Paradigm for Diagnostics
Based on Spatial Biology

Cernostics is a pioneer in spatial biology and AI-driven image analysis of tissue biopsies. The spatial biology revolution is transforming traditional anatomic pathology from a subjective, limited, morphology-based analysis of biopsies to an automated, objective, and high-dimensional analysis that translates into novel biological insights, better patient outcomes, and lower overall cost of care.

Our high complexity clinical reference laboratory specializes in high-dimensional analysis of tissue biopsies, providing valuable information to clinicians not available through other means.

Our R&D services/capabilities provide valuable insight to pharma clients on the pathophysiology of disease, biomarker discovery and validation, and clinical trial support based on spatial biology.

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