Slightly under-the-radar Cernostics Inc. has raised $2.6 million in equity, debt and options, according to a regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


The newly rechristened Cernostics was previously known as Cernostics Pathology Inc., including in 2008 when it was spun off from Pittsburgh-based Cellumen Inc. At the time of the spinoff, Cernostics’ aim was to focus on “digital-imaging pathology and personalized medicine.”


Digital pathology is a computerized, image-based environment that enables pathologists to manage and interpret information generated from a digitized glass slide, with image quality comparable to a microscope, according to Advanced Imaging Magazine. The technology aims to make pathologists more productive by allowing them to more easily view, share and archive tissue samples.


The fundraise comes from five investors — a small number considering that the minimum amount accepted per investor was $7,500, according to the filing.



Cernostics apparently doesn’t have a Web site, but does have Facebook and Twitter accounts, though no tweets have been sent out from the account. The phone number listed on the filing was Cellumen’s office number. Cernostics company officials didn’t return a call.


Michel Nederlof, Cernostics’ co-founder, president and chief technology officer, was also a co-founder of Cellumen.